The Incredible Koi Fish

Published: 28th September 2010
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Discovering the beauty of Koi Fish? You are bound to have been mesmerized pretty recently if you are a beginner when it comes to Koi. Read on and you'll discover what actually makes the Koi Fish so very special.

Being one of the most beautiful creatures on Earth is apparently not enough for the Koi. There are several other qualities that make both the Koi and the Koi collector special. If you strive on becoming one of those special Koi collectors, you've already taken the first step towards pet-fish bliss by deciding you want to raise and care for Koi.

Koi Fish is not just a popular collectible fish that people just started buying because it looked pretty in a tank. It is way, way more than that. The popularity of Koi almost totally transcends national barriers.

Originating in Persia, it fascinated ancient peoples and was taken from in-awe collectors from Persia to China and Japan for breeding. Scientifically name Cyprinus Carpio, the Koi is the most popular fish in Japan today and enjoys an almost god-like status. Declared their national fish, Koi is popularly believed to be a mythological creature.

There are mentions of similar fish in ancient Japanese scriptures dating back to the 4th century. It is this ancient status that now makes people speak volumes on the traditions and fables attached with the Koi. Although initially the Koi came in only three colors:, red, blue and yellow, the current variety in Koi and the respect the fish enjoys is not only because of initial beauty.

It is due to centuries of traditions and selective breeding by the Japanese that has now made sure the best varieties of Koi are available for fish enthusiasts.

Koi belongs to the large family from which Goldfish and Carp come from. The proactive selective breeding by the Japanese has made Koi different though. Selective breeding has not only made the Koi abundantly different when it comes to aesthetics but has made the fish excitingly agile and long-living.

This makes it one of the most special fish in the domesticated fish world to possess. Its ability to survive in several climates around the world just adds to its repertoire.

If you're willing to own Koi Fish however, the toughest job is not taking care of it but deciding which type of Koi you want. There are virtually hundreds of varieties you can choose from.

Through selective breeding, scientists have come up with varieties to suit different needs, ages, tastes, etc. To make things simple however, the Japanese made a classification system based on physical characteristics.

Instead of having scientific names for classification, the Koi has names based on it's beautiful qualities.

For example, Koi types like the Sandan and Yondan are named because of the island-like red spots they have on their beautiful, shiny skin. Sandan have 3 islands and Yondan have 4.

It all depends on personal preference then, which Koi you would choose. Then there are metallic types in gold and silver, types with symmetrical patterns on the skin, white Koi which are the rarest, etc.

With hundreds of varieties come dozens of ways of taking care of your Koi fish. One thing remains constant however: the amount of respect and care the Koi deserves.

With centuries of tradition and beautiful fables attached to them and nations singing praise for the fish, it is only fair that you value all that the Koi Fish is, without compromise.

Travis Taylor is a Koi fish keeper and breeding enthusiast, and enjoys helping others get started in this amazing hobby by sharing information about Kois fish.

His newest book,"Koi Care Secrets," teaches Koi Fish owners everything they need to know about and caring for their pets.

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