Trout Fishing Lures - The Irresistable Enticers

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Published: 19th May 2011
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Off with the notion that anyone with a hook, fishing line, and a rod-reel combo can simply cast in a trout habitation and catch trout fish. Itís time to get serious and produce consistent results. If you are going to catch trout, you should know that they happen to be a very intelligent and sensible species of fish. You will therefore require a fool-proof enticer if you want to see some action at the end of your line Ė trout fishing lures. This is an artificial impersonation of the fishís natural food or prey which is usually laden with hooks.

When it comes to trout fishing lures, there really isnít a standard design or type that can work on all fishing environments. Each of the available trout lures is applicable to different circumstances and techniques. What's more, if the lure does not mimic the specific food that this fish might be feeding on at that particular point, you could just be starting off from a disadvantaged position as far as your aims of catching trout are concerned.

So what are the best trout fishing lures? The answer is; it depends. The location one is fishing in determines the best fishing lures. Also, one should avoid very expensive fishing lures that basically yield the same results. Here are a few fishing lures that are popular because of their effectiveness:
Spinners are one of the best fishing lures in the market. They are not very expensive and can be very effective when casting distance or during those windy situations. Spinners can be used for upstream, downstream, and even fast currents. There are different sizes of spinners and they run deep into the water where this fish are hiding. Spinners make the lure seem alive which provokes a strike from the fish.

Meal worms and power baits are another effective trout fishing lures. When used together, they may produce some good results for the angler especially when they are rigged on a set of gang hooks. Humble worms and night crawlers also fall into this category. Trout fish love to feed on worms.
Rainbow trout cannot resist the urge to nibble at flat fish. This type of lure is effective in an area which hosts a substantial rainbow trout population. Ensure you have the right size as they are designed to mimic the exact prey at that particular point. Smaller sizes are usually the best in most situations though larger ones can catch bigger fish.

The rooster tail is one of the oldest and most effective trout fishing lures. Rooster tail lures have a tuft of hair of feathers at the end and are made to imitate minnows, a favorite prey for this fish. They may be used below the water surface or on top of the water. They can be used in flowing streams and even still waters.

Spoons are quite effective in stream trout fishing. They work well in situations where there is some run-off and muddy flows of water. They are available in different weights and sizes but the best kind come in bright, fluorescent colors or even glow paint.

These are just some of the most popular trout fishing lures though others like the mini-stick baits, pan-fish jigs, trout magnets, and minnow plugs can still work in many situations.

Alexander T. Taylor is a Trout Fishing enthusiast, and enjoys helping others get started in this amazing hobby by sharing information about trout fishing with lures

His newest book,"The Definitive Trout Fishing Manual" teaches Trout Fishing enthusiasts everything they need to know about trout fishing.

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